Tile and Grout Cleaning

Grout and tile stains are an eye sore that can ruin the look of fine tile. They’re also just about impossible to clean without specialized machinery. 

After years of use it soaks up dirt, spills, and grime that can’t be reached by mops or brushes. No matter how hard most people scrub, the stains remain.

Most people who try, achieve poor results, a big mess, and a throbbing back from the effort.

Floor Restore has the best steam cleaning, grout scrubbing, and re-sealing equipment you can find for deep and lasting results. You’ll be amazed at the difference clean grout makes in your home.

Porous tile and grout is also a hidden trap for allergens. During your tile and grout cleaning with Floor Restore, we’ll make sure well over 90% is removed.

Our grout cleaning method:

We appreciate that your fine tile floors are precious. Before your Floor Restore expert does anything, he or she we conduct a full evaluation. This helps to prevent any damage.

We always make sure to use the most effective and safest cleaning method. 

For most surfaces, we start with a deep hand scrubbing of the grout. This releases discolored dirt and grime that’s trapped below the surface. 

After the detailed prep is complete, our grout scrubbing machines are put to work. Our powerful machines force hot steam into the cracks and pores to lift out dirt. They shine the tile and leave the grout looking years younger.

Clean tile and grout can make a huge difference in your home’s look and value.

Every job receives a full walk through with a Floor Restore expert to make sure you’re totally happy before we leave. We also seal the grout with a long lasting barrier to new stains. 

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