Flood Restoration

Floor Restore is the fastest-acting team for flood damage, water cleanup, and water damage restoration in CITY. Day or night our professionals are ready to respond to your emergency.

When we arrive on site we will begin by assessing the damage. Once we know we know the source and extent, we can provide the right solution.

If carpets can be saved will will act immediately to save them. If needed we will bring advanced water detection equipment to find hidden water. This ensures that mold and mildew risks are kept to a minimum.

Our experts have the highest quality machinery to rapidly extract the water from your home. Once the water is removed, we will bring in heavy fans and other equipment. These fans pull remaining moisture and humidity. 

If needed we can bring in heavy duty dehumidifiers to prevent “secondary damage” like warping floors, walls, or furniture.

When disaster strikes and you need fast, thorough Flood Restoration you can count on Floor Restore.

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