Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning

Fine oriental rugs and carpets are treasured assets in a home. We know how much these pieces of floor art mean to our clients. We make sure to use the most gentle yet effective cleaning methods. 

Can they be cleaned by hand or vacuum? Most homeowners don’t realize that cleaning rugs and carpets by hand or vacuum often does more damage than good.

Scrubbing by hand can drive dirt and dust deeper into the rug or carpet. Vacuum’s rough brushes and high powered motors can rip the fine stitching.

Floor Restore’s rug cleaning experts gently and thoroughly pull the dirt and dust out while preserving the quality of the carpeting.

When dust, pat dander, and dirt collects on rugs they become faded, dirty, and bring down the feeling of your home. They can also develop a rich and musty stink that can be eliminated with an oriental rug cleaning from Floor Restore.

Did you know that one rug can contain as much as 10 POUNDS of dirt and dust?!

You’ll be amazing by how much better your rus look after our professionals have cleaned them. 

Clean: using our hot water extraction method, we remove stains, dirt, and dust from your favorite decorative rugs. In preparation, we will spot treat as necessary. Our state-of-the-art equipment will then apply hot water to loosen dirt, while simultaneously using high-powered suction for the extraction process.

Neutralize: using top-quality solutions, our deodorizing process removes odors and smells from area and oriental rugs used throughout your home.

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